Spark Project Schedule

Here is the schedule so far:

– afternoon – Fly to Frankfurt


  • morning – arrival
    evening – Cologne Worship Night 3-10pm
  • 27.June

  • morning – street interviews
    afternoon – pre-edit and rest
    evening – Interview Alex and Irina Littau in Rheinbach
  • 28.June

  • morning – street interviews
    afternoon – interview with Kunhardts in Cologne
    evening – interview with a woman in Bergisch Gladbach
  • 29.June

  • morning – Peter Strauch in Witten
    afternoon – interview with Thomas and Simone Neumann in Burscheid
    evening – interview with Sven Paas in Kuerten
  • 30.June

  • morning – Anton Schulte in Altenkirchen
    afternoon – Wolfgang and Petra Stolz in Hennef
    evening – pre-edit
  • 1.July

  • morning – Manfred Beutel in Alzey
    afternoon – Rudi Diezel in Nuerenberg
    evening – train back to Cologne
  • 2.July – editing/translation in Cologne w/ Jason


  • morning – Cologne Cathederal footage for MPD – more editing/translation
    afternoon – Catch train to Kandern
  • 4.July – Examine Black Forest Academy, See Creative Works Office, etc.

    6.July – Take evening train to Ulm

    8.July – Take morning train to Frankfurt – Fly back to USA

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