Prayer Letter

Each month we send out an email detailing how people can be praying for us. This prayer letter is focused specifically on ways people can pray for us. It is different from our newsletter, which tends to focus more on what is happening to our family and in our ministry. The prayer letter is formatted into two columns, to organize it, and to be more convenient for you as you pray. The left column usually gives a quick overview of the events and major prayer issues for the month. The purpose of this, is to help you understand the issues you’ll be praying about. In the right column, we break down how you can pray for us each day. You can print this, fold it down the middle, and stick it in your Bible, journal, or whatever you have with you when you pray.


That way you are able to pray very specifically for us, and hopefully feel more tied in to your partnership role in ministry with us.  If I’ve done my job, you can tell your printer to only print the first page.  Sometimes there will be some things spilling onto a second page (for example the phplist logo), but they should not be actual parts of the letter.

If you’re not currently a subscriber to our newsletter and/or our prayer letter, but would like to be, just click here.

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