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This year, a colleage challenged me to try a new approach, and so instead of a usual year end appeal letter, I put together a small catalog of giving opportunities.

I’m really excited about it, and would love to share it far and wide. But one of the opportunities is to give toward the work of someone who would be at risk if I gave much public information on the internet.

So, if you already subscribe to our newsletter list, you’ll get the details. If you don’t, and want the catalog, send me a message and I’ll pass it along. Also, if you’d like, now would be a great time to subscribe to our newsletter. 🙂 (There’s a subscription form to the right on our website).

Day 3453 – Some new beginnings

I’m planning on crowdfunding my next film project, and so I’ve spent several hours over the last week studying and learning about Kickstarter campaigns. One of the best resources I’ve found is the Kickstarter series at One of the refrains that Jamey is hitting a lot in his posts  is the need to blog daily… One doesn’t have to scroll very far to see how poorly I’ve done that. So I’m going to try turning over a new leaf. Today.

I also have started a video blog giving some info on my project. You can watch the first couple of episodes here:

Why I Live

The film project Ted and team have been working on is finally released! We hope you’ll click below and watch the film, and then share it with your friends and networks. We believe this is a powerful story that could change many lives. It’s already having an impact.

click here to watch

We believe that God brought us this story to bring hope and share his love with many people. Help us get the word out!

1) Click these links to share the film with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. And feel free to share the film on any other social media networks with which you’re connected.

2) Like us on Vimeo! This is really simple, but does require an account. Making one is pretty simple, especially if you have a facebook.

A. Click “Join” on the bar at the top of the vimeo page
1. you will be asked to enter your email and a password twice
2. or just beneath that there’s a small print “join using facebook.”

Filling in the form, or clicking “join using facebook” will create a new account. There is an offer to join vimeo plus or vimeo pro. You can ignore it and just click “no thanks.” Once you’re logged in, go to our film and click the heart on the upper right side. You can also leave a comment or ask a question on our page, if you’d like. The goal here is to get enough attention that vimeo will feature the film for a few days.

3) Finally, if you have a blog or a website, or if you have a friend with a blog or a website… We’d love to have you write about and/or post about our film.

The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor is out.  You can watch it!  And you should.  🙂  It’s available for free along with a discussion guide (on our facebook page) so you can use it as a discussion starter at your small group or bible study.

Please take a minute to like us on vimeo and our Facebook page as well as share the film with your friends.