Be a part of our work

This year, a colleage challenged me to try a new approach, and so instead of a usual year end appeal letter, I put together a small catalog of giving opportunities.

I’m really excited about it, and would love to share it far and wide. But one of the opportunities is to give toward the work of someone who would be at risk if I gave much public information on the internet.

So, if you already subscribe to our newsletter list, you’ll get the details. If you don’t, and want the catalog, send me a message and I’ll pass it along. Also, if you’d like, now would be a great time to subscribe to our newsletter. 🙂 (There’s a subscription form to the right on our website).

Christmas Banquet

This was written yesterday, but didn’t get posted.

I’m sitting in a plush chair, my laptop glowing at me as Christmas music roars out of the kitchen to my left. Up the stairs I can hear a mixture of proclamations and the tinkling giggles of sixteen year olds doing their makeup. Tonight is Christmas Banquet a Black Forest Academy. In my mind, it’s an analog of Homecoming. It’s the first semi-formal of the year, open to all four grades, much is made over who is going with whom.

Suddenly, it hits me that we don’t have a Christmas tree yet. My world spins a bit. This past week is foggy and distant. Some combination of stress, allergy medication and lack of sleep has me particularly out of sorts.

I’m here trying to write a blog post, because I haven’t gotten that job done well the last several days. But in truth, I’ve no idea where this is heading. A bit of stream of consciousness meandering to…..

And now I’ll distract you from my utterly vacuous ramblings with all of these lovely ladies.

Pray for Lörrach

There was a terrible shooting in Lörrach, just 15 minutes from our house, and much closer to our church.

A woman armed with an automatic weapon has shot dead one person at a hospital in Germany before being killed by police.

A police officer was also injured in the incident in the town of Loerrach near the French and Swiss borders.

Police believe the shooting is linked to an explosion at a nearby building where they found the bodies of a man and a child.

Authorities have sealed off the area and say the situation is under control.

The shooting happened shortly after 1800 local time (1600GMT) on Sunday.

It sounds as though the woman killed her son and life partner just before rushing into the hospital to kill a male nurse.  Please be in prayer for the community in Lörrach.  There is always a chance in these tragic moments for people to turn to Jesus.  Pray that God will use this tragedy for his glory.

August Newsletter Vol II

We’ve just put a follow up to our August letter out in email, I don’t know if this one will have a print run, as the computer is already packed for our return to Germany.  We aren’t fully funded yet, but God has encouraged us, and we’re returning to Germany in faith that the remainder of the funds will come.   This newsletter tells a little bit of that story, tells you how you can hear Ted’s interview with Hugh Hewitt, and also shares a little problem you may have emailing us.