HOW_TO:VIDEO – Intro – for review

This is the first segment from the video series I’ve been working on.  The concept is to produce a series a videos, directed at missionaries, to help them correspond with their supporters via video.  The hope is that this will more deeply engage the North American audience in missions, as well as helping missionaries more effectively communicate the exciting stories from their fields.  The video may still change a little bit, but this should be pretty close to what the final video will look like.

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2 Replies to “HOW_TO:VIDEO – Intro – for review”

  1. Ted, Brandy and Family,
    It is great to see your pictures and I enjoyed the video on how to make videos. I hope to learn a lot from you. You all look great and am anxious to see all that God has planned for you. May you all be blessed mightily.

  2. Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

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