Hey All,
Sorry we haven’t been great about updating on a regular basis since we got here. We had no idea how much work it was to move across the ocean. Our stuff all arrived safely. We’ve only had one major casualty regarding our goods and that was one fairly old desk, which originated here in Germany, so I guess it’s only right that it came home to it’s final resting place. 🙂

We’ve been traveling around a tiny bit. We will post pictures soon. There are some castle ruins only 20 minutes away that we took the kids to this last weekend. Then the next day our good friends, the Meyers invited us to follow them up to the tallest waterfall in all of Germany, only an hour away to avoid the 90 degree temperatures. (there is no air conditioning in Germany and the humidity is 80%- 90% all the time.)

The kids are all doing great in their German classes and making friends. Isaac’s been playing fussball during recess with a group of boys from all different nationalities. Britt has been hanging out with several girls from her class, chatting of course. And Faith has been sharing her pretzels with half of her class everyday during snack and then jump-roping for a while. They’re all doing great. However they’re all feeling a little jipped about not getting a full summer’s vacation.

We begin our language school on Monday. That is part of the reason we’ve been so busy trying to get the house all together, cuz once language school starts we won’t have time for anything else. We’re going to have our German neighbors over for dinner soon. They speak excellent English and are willing to also help us out with our German. We’ve been sucked into the excitement of the Euro 2008 tournament. Germany has made it all the way to the finals which are on Sunday. We’re so excited and have something in common with almost everyone we meet on the streets. 🙂

We’ve attended one German church where we had headphones with English translation for us. We’ve been bouncing back and forth between English church and German church for the last couple of weeks, trying to find the church God has picked out for us.

Laundry takes 3-4 hours per load here so I’ve been busy doing lots of laundry. Ted’s been changing out light fixtures and getting quite savvy with the electrical wiring. Well, I think dinner is burning…haven’t gotten the hang of Celsius yet. 😉 Many blessings to each of you! We are so blessed to be here and can’t wait to see what God has planned for us. Thank you so much for your involvement in our lives and God’s ministry here in Germany.

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