Some time back, the Women’s Fellowship here gave Brandy a membership to Mystic Seaport about 50 minutes down the road from where we’re living here. We enjoyed our trip to Mystic very much, and had been intending to go back for some time. On our final family outing in Connecticut, returning to Mystic seemed a fitting way to say goodbye to this place where so much has happened to us.


Because it was Memorial Day, Mystic was reenacting a Memorial Day ceremony from shortly after the civil war, complete with a church service, parade and floating flowers out of the harbor. It was more solemn than I expected, but it was great reminder of what Memorial Day is all about.



She’s so pretty.


Yep. Her too.


Yeah… And her.


What scheme is Isaac plotting here? I see rope… This could be dangerous.



Isaac wrestled a whale while Faith had a snack and Britt nearly became one.


It was a very nice day.

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