A house for us?

Many of you will remember several months ago, we thought we’d found a house in Germany. However, as we looked at the house (via a video skype call) and began to get all the details, it seemed less and less like the right place. We called on the Lord in prayer, and within a few days, the offer was retracted.

Many of you will also remember our mentioning Durand Robinson, the visionary behind Creative Works, our original ministry. Durand and his wife, Ruth, have taken Creative Works to Ireland, where they are focusing on local music ministries for Irish churches (you can read all about their ministry by clicking the Creative Works link in our blog roll). Their home in the Kandern area remains unoccupied. Since they first moved, we’ve thought their house is perfect for us. It has enough space for all of us, is close to everything, and is right next door to the Meyer’s house – our new supervisors with GemStone Media. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to buy their house.durand-and-ruths-house-web.jpg

However, we’ve just received word they are taking it off the market, and would like to rent it to us at — wouldn’t you know — almost exactly what we’ve budgeted to pay for rent. Isn’t God amazing?

Their realtor has a few weeks yet to sell before the contract expires. We hope you’ll be praying with us, that if this isn’t God’s will, the house will sell for a good price and bless the Robinsons that way. We did want to share with you, though, how God continues to look out for us, as we move forward in faith.

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