“We’ve been expecting you.”

We wanted to share a praise with you. Yesterday Ted and I had gone to an appointment and decided we’d try popping into some churches to see how they’d respond to us asking to share our mission. Well we stopped in on 3 in a little town called Colchester, CT. One interesting thing about New England is they don’t change anything that they think is related to history. So the first church we stopped in on said First Congregational Church on it, but once we went in, we were told they wouldn’t exactly call themselves evangelical, and so they were not at all interested in what we had to say, but they did give us the name and address of the two churches in town who might. We later found out they are basically unitarian in their beliefs but because there is some history related to the old church name never bothered to change the sign. So we pressed on kind of discouraged.

The next church we went to when we walked in the door and the receptionist said, “Hi! We’ve been expecting you. The pastor has been waiting for you and will be right in.” Ted and I were sure they had us mistaken for another appointment, but apparently that’s either how they greet people who come into their church or they had some divine connection that we didn’t know about. Rev. Charlie Brown sat us down and eagerly heard all about our ministry and invited us to come back and present to the congregation the end of Nov.

We then pressed on to the 3rd church and were again warmly greeted. We shared our ministry with another pastor. They are a new church and in fact don’t even have a building of their own yet, but next month he had planned to introduce the idea of a missions conference to the congregation so they can start supporting missionaries and has asked us to call him back in Dec or Jan, to see if we could present then. So yesterday was an extremely exciting day in the life of the Coxes, we’ll see what God does with all this, but we wanted to be able to share with you our exciting news

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  1. Well I can leave a message through firefox but but I don’t have it at work. I absolutely love, “We’ve been expecting you.” Too powerfull!

  2. Thanks, Mom. So comments work on firefox but not IE? Grrr. Can’t everyone change browsers just for me? 🙂 I’ll have a look and see if I can figure out what’s happening.

  3. This is very exciting Ted! I’ve been praying that God would encourage you by providing opportunities like this! It sounds like God may have prepared this church to be part of making an eternal difference in Europe through your ministry! I’m praying that your presentation on Nov 25th goes well and that God raises up many who have a passion to see Europe reached with the gospel.

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