New Hosting

Hopefully it’s been largely invisible, but I’ve just finished migrating this site to a new web host. Instead of running on a server in my living room (and more recently my parents living room as we’ve been transitioning eastward), it’s now actually running on a more professional platform. Rocky Mountain Telephone is providing us the server and internet connection for free (I just have to be the sysadmin, but I was doing that already) – if you need business telephone service give them a call! The bottom line is the site should be much faster. To my Internet Explorer 6 Users, please let me know if this resolves the issues you’ve been experiencing.

For my geekier readers (Courtney, Jeff, Bill – this is for you):

The site is now hosted on a CentOS 5 machine connected to a T1. It has it’s own static IP, a dual core Intel Pentium D 950, 4gb of ram, and a nice pretty RAID array. My inner geek is doing a little happy dance.

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