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I’m not changing the information on our ministry yet, because I’m not 100% sure what it should say. CreativeWorks has seen some drastic changes, and while our location won’t be changing, it certainly looks like the details of our ministry are evolving. What I know right now, is that the ministry we’ll be working with is no longer called CreativeWorks, in fact, it’s so new, it’s simply going by GEM Media, which can be thought of like a screenplay called “working title.” I’ll be heading back to Germany in April to work on a video project with GEM Media, shooting a TEFL training seminar. I hope that by then end of the trip I’ll have a better sense of what the new ministry will look like. For the moment, I can quote to you the vision of Jim Meyer, who is running the department:

The ultimate goal is to create media tools that will help in presenting Jesus as relevant and living to Europeans who are searching for meaning in their lives. In the pursuit of that we will undoubtedly be working alongside of Europeans to help them produce effective media relevant for their culture.

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