On Hold

We had a strange experience today, driving through Denver on the way to visit some friends, we saw a man hanging from the highway overpass. He was dangling by his arms, feet kicking directly over the fast moving traffic. Over him, stood another man, holding his arms, and grinning wickedly at the passing drivers. It sounds almost like something out of a movie, but it was real life.

My suspicion is that it was some very foolish young people playing a very dangerous joke, but we have no way to know for sure. After a moment of shock, we called 911, only to experience another shock. For years, Brandy has had a reoccurring nightmare where something horrible happens, and she calls 911 only to be put on hold. I’ve always told her that 911 doesn’t put people on hold, because that would defeat their purpose. You can imagine my shock when I heard “You’ve reached Denver 911, all of our agents are busy right now, please hold the line…”

It was such an apt metaphor for so much of our life right now. Here we are at 52% seeing our support creep in over the past few months. It feels like God has called us urgently to Europe and then put us on hold when we ask Him to get us there. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t feel that way everyday. God has been moving powerfully to bring us to this point. He has done so many things, in so many ways to show us his amazing power and timing. But in our fickle human nature, we forget, and we feel abandoned.

In the end, it took less than 2 minutes for me to speak to a person at 911. They were swift and efficient at getting the necessary information and they dispatched emergency people to the scene. I don’t know what happened, but I see no disaster reports at the Denver Post online, so I presume the situation was resolved positively. Regardless of the fidelity of Denver 911, I know that my God is faithful. He will get us to Europe when He is good and ready, and when it happens, it will be at the perfect moment. I can’t always see it here, it feels like I’m sitting on hold while someone is dangling over oncomming traffic, but the truth is, I’m only frustrated because God has a better plan and I don’t know what it is.

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