When do we leave? [old]

“What? You’re still here?”

I can’t tell you how often we’re asked this question. It probably should have been up here long ago, but it is a difficult question to answer. Initially, our goal was to leave July 31st. Today as I write this (June 29th) I’ve just posted the wonderful news that we’ve raised half of our support. As excited as we are, it seems pretty unlikely we’ll raise the other half in 1 month. It has taken us about six months to raise the first half, and so it would be fairly realistic to say we’ll probably leave in January. If that’s God’s will, then so be it. However, we’d like to see it happen faster, and goals are an important part of what drives us. So we’re now aiming to leave October 31st. That gives us four months to raise our remaining funds, get through prefield training and get to the field.

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