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Walk for Life   Today we had the opportunity as a family to “Walk for Life”.  It was the 19th annual fund-raising event our local pregnancy center hosted.  After our practice of walking forever at the Magic Kingdom we were able to put our feet to work for The Kingdom.  We were able to raise $500 for Life Network today, and that will go toward helping young women at every age plan for the unexpected and comfort those who have made poor choices.  It was a beautiful walk and well worth the sweat.

   Our pregnancy center is unique.  Life Network provides free pregnancy tests to girls and women of all ages.  We offer counseling to encourage them in the difficult decision they have to make.  For those who are undecided about what to do, we provide free ultrasounds, so they may meet their baby for the first time.  It is there to help the girls who choose to have their babies in many different ways.  But it is also there to help the girls who have chosen to end their pregnancy with the guilt and loss they experience afterward, with a bible study called, Bridges of Hope. Education for a Lifetime goes into our local schools (Middle school, High school and even the military bases) to teach abstinence until marriage. Life Network is there for the thousands of individuals, male and female, affected by our societies bombardment of “sex is good for everyone, anytime”.

   We are blessed in this country because of ministries like Life Network. I was shocked to discover while talking to the two missionaries that we were working with last summer (one who had lived in France and one in Germany, both for more than 10 years) that between the two of them they could only think of two pregnancy centers.  One in each country.  Some countries in Europe have a higher abortion rate then live birth rate.  In Russia they have 13 abortions for every 10 babies born.  It weighs on my heart a great deal.  I have no idea where God will put me, to do ministry for Him.  But I hope something I do can create a spark to bring something as awesome as Life Network to Europe. 

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