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If you have met with me in person, you’ve heard me detail why I believe Europe is the most strategic mission field on Earth. I think I make a pretty compelling case. If you haven’t met with me… Let’s do lunch. I came across this article today by Mark Steyn. He has often tackled religious considerations in Europe but I found this article particularly apropos, as he discusses what happens in a Europe that doesn’t believe in anything but is increasingly overwhelmed with Muslims. From the article:

As English and Belgian and Scandinavian cities Islamify, their inhabitants will face a choice between living as a minority and joining the majority: Not all but many will opt for the latter. At the very minimum, Islam … will seem environmentally appropriate. For many young men, it already provides the sense of identity that the vapid nullity of multiculturalism disdains to offer. As for the gals, I was startled in successive weeks to hear from both Dutch and English acquaintances that they’ve begun going out “covered”. The Dutch lady lives in a rough part of Amsterdam and says, when you’re on the street in Islamic garb, the Muslim men smile at you respectfully instead of jeering at you as an infidel whore. The English lady lives in a swank part of London but says pretty much the same thing. Both felt there was not just a physical but a psychological security in being dressed Muslim. They’re not “reverts”, but, at least for the purposes of padding the public space, they’re passing for Muslim in public.

Shortly after putting this together, I came across another unrelated but very interesting fact. The DaVinci Code (film) has just broken $500 million gross box office mark. What is interesting is that it’s making the vast majority of that sum in Europe. Why would secular humanists be so interested in a film which seeks to uncover the life of Christ (however erroneously)?

I am convinced that the Western European is no longer truly a secular humanist. He’s a seeker. That means, as Mark Steyn notes above, he may well become a Muslim, given the right social pressures. But far more importantly, it means he is seeking that something which is missing from his life. The best part is: we know the answer! Once again, it appears that this is an incredible moment to share the gospel with Europe. We hope you will pray about partnering with us, if you haven’t already.

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