Meeting with Supporters in California

Those of you who receive our prayer newsletter will have read this shortly before our departure:

We don’t have anything specific set up, but we are hoping it will provide an opportunity to share our mission with some people we rarely see. Please be in prayer that God will open doors.

I’m sure you were praying, but whatever God had up his sleeve, I didn’t catch it. We had a lovely time meeting with family and a few supporters, but I came away feeling as though we accomplished very little. As the wrap on a particularly slow month of support raising, I am feeling frustrated at best.
That isn’t to say God wasn’t there. We saw plenty of evidence of Him, in what has to have been one of the smoothest family trips we have ever taken. With the exception of a little trouble with our Hotel in Anaheim, all of our accomodations were exceptional in virtually any catagory –let alone the low budget catagory we were spending in. Our rental car was nice, and in an amazing accomodation, our hotel for the final night was located right next door to the rental agency, so we were able to clean and return the car without a lot of hopping around on shuttles or cab fare.
The only thing I can conclude is that God has something else in mind for us at this moment, something else he wants us to learn before we move on to the next step. Please be praying that we’ll get it quickly, so that we can continue our journey toward Europe.

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