Meeting the Mouse

Meeting the Mouse
I owe you all an update on our trip. I’m not sure how far I will get on that this evening, but I wanted to take a few moments and hit our last two days. As many of you know, we got a rare opportunity to visit Disneyland. I had been there both as a kid, and during my college years at Westmont, but no one else in the family had ever gone.
It was really a tremendous amount of fun. Almost instantly apon our arrival, we were confronted with Disney employees almost dragging us to our VIP meeting with Mickey Mouse. The older kids (and I) enjoyed the rides, and Faith had a lot of fun getting the autographs of all the various disney characters. It sounds to me as though she got a particularly special treat when Ariel told her she had the best princess hair she had seen all day.
The best princess hair...

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