I’ve gotten very behind. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Easter! Yikes. Life moves so fast. Right now, God is really putting us through our paces. The rate at which new support is coming in, has slowed drastically in recent weeks. This has been difficult, and we are struggling to find new ways to get things moving again.

Through this period, our oldest daughter, Brittany, has now stepped across that seemingly invisible line to her teen years. It seems impossible to believe she’s really thirteen. In a little more than a week, Faith — our youngest — will turn five. This is hard to believe, since I still haven’t accepted that Brittany turned five. 🙂

The biggest change we have faced yet has been to our departure schedule. I have told many people that July 31st was my date, and that time would tell if it was also God’s. It appears that Gos has spoken. Due to scheduling issues with the mission, it won’t be possible for us to leave until this fall — even if we get all our support raised. Our new date (same caveats apply) will be October 31.

It remains critical that we reach 60% by the end of June. Please be in prayer for us, and if you have any contacts with churches or individuals who could help us reach that goal, we would greatly appreciate your help.

There is a sense right now of other changes brewing on the horizon. Other surprises God has yet to reveal, and we could really use your prayers this week.

God Bless,

UPDATE: So, I wrote this late this afternoon, feeling tired and discouraged. I wanted to follow up with you because we have had a really great night! Brandy and I sat down to square our GEM account for April and discovered how generous you all have been. We’re overwhelmed. Many people who had pledged verbally, but not yet begun giving showed up this month. Several faith promises we had been waiting on came in, and we recieved several gifts we had not expected. In a month of uncomfortable changes, God has been faithful, and so have you. Thank you so much!

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