Faith’s Dinosaur Egg

Since JanImage hosting by Photobucketuary we have all struggled with various illnesses. It’s been one of the ways I believe Satan has been trying to attack us. Faith was not left out. She got a nasty little chest cold that seemed to linger for about a month. Because she is only four and “moving to Germany” is still a very foreign idea to her, she has also been suffering from separation anxiety. So during her illness she was able to stay at home close to Mommy and Daddy a lot and got used to it a great deal. While we were debating whether or not she was well enough for school, we would ask her if she wanted to go and let her decide. A couple of times she chose to stay at home, even if she probably was well enough for school. Well, when we were sure she was well enough, we took her back and she learned that she had missed quite a few very fun projects. One of which was making dinosaur eggs by paper-mache’-ing a balloon. It has been over a week now and she is still upset about missing out on that particular craft. I’ve been taught an important lesson through this. One that God has been trying to teach me for a very long time. Sometimes we don’t want to do what God is calling us to do, and frequently we don’t feel well enough to do them. But we just need to get out there and do it because if we don’t we may miss out on all the fun dinosaur eggs God has planned for us.

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