Getting the ball rolling…

As I sit down to right this, we are stepping off into week two of full time support raising. Things are beginning slowly, but I know that we’re on the right track because Satan is assaulting us full force. In the last week our house has been hit with the croup, strep throat, mono and a couple of nasty head colds. The exciting news is that we get to address a small church in Durango, Colorado this weekend. It will be our first opportunity to speak at a church in this capacity. We’ve been given the sermon time, and with that in mind I’ve been trying to bring some teaching into our presentation. Last night as I was hard at work on my message, the server that runs this site, handles all our email, connects us to the internet and generally handles all of our computery stuff keeled over dead. I had a long night of emergency surgery and we’re up and running again on a new computer. Please be in prayer over the coming days:

  1. for the people we’ll be sharing our mission with – that their hearts will be open
  2. for our message in Durango – that God will speak through us
  3. and in the coming weeks – that God will sustain our spirits and thwart our enemy

We appreciate your prayers so much!

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