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I’ve been slowly trying to finish up my training to be a counselor at the Colorado Springs pregnancy center, which is one of the parts of Life Network. When I finish up my educational requirements for GEM, I can spend more time volunteering downtown. I’ll be able to go on Mondays, which just so happens to be their busiest day, because it’s Ted’s day off and Faith will be in Preschool.

The President of the center has announced that 84% of the abortion minded clients who have an ultrasound choose to carry their baby to term. But the center made a point of sharing with us that we are not there to “save babies”. We are there to share Christ with these girls who are in desperate need of a Savior. It is very exciting for me to be a part of this ministry because even though I started out believing I wanted nothing more then to save these innocent babies, I, more then most, understand how important it is to help these girls/women in this particular kind of crises. So I am very much looking forward to volunteering there on a regular basis soon.

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