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This is a pretty open topic. I could detail for you the ongoing work to take our Spark! footage and actually make it into something, or our plans for support raising over the coming months, but there is a larger issue before us, and I want to earnestly ask for your prayer over the coming week.

Some time ago, I gave notice here at the church that regardless of the success or failure of our support raising efforts, I would be leaving my position here in the summer of 2006. However, I feel that God has been leading me to rethink that plan through our time in Europe, and I am seriously considering giving formal notice for January 15th. I have already spoken with my supervisor (I wouldn’t post it here otherwise) and have basically promised him a firm answer some time next week.

Through our time in Europe it just really became clear to me how urgently we are needed there, and the truth is that so long as I am working 50+ hours a week here, there is not enough time or energy remaining to do effective support raising. That means it would be virtually impossible for us to leave on July 31st, if I continue working here until next summer.

While my work here at the church is fulfilling and Godly, the need of Europe weighs much more heavily on my heart, and I can feel God tugging me to that place. I know that means He has someone even better in mind for my job here, and I believe that once again He is calling me to step out in faith.

Please pray over the coming week that God’s guidance will be clear, and that I will be listening earnestly. Pray that He will guide me to the right decision for the church, our family, and Creative Works.

Thank you. May the Lord bless you!

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