Shopping in Germany

Well, since Ted spent the last15 hours travelling the country doing the final two interviews for this project and I got to spend the day visiting with Sue Holm (wife of Jason) and shopping, he asked me to do the blog update.

We began our shopping trip at a store that is becoming more popular in the States, but I have never been to. It’s called IKEA. It’s a great store for planning out your housing arrangements and putting together all the little things that make a home. This is particularly interesting for us becuase most German apartments/homes come with a completely gutted kitchen, and no cupboards, closets, anywhere in the house. It was a lot of fun to see all the cool new ideas, and gave me a whole new excitement about moving here. I get to design my own kitchen!!! 🙂

Then we went grocery shopping which may not be very exciting in the States, but it was one thing that was weighing on my mind. But things have changed a great deal here and you can find almost anything we have there in the states at a comparable price. And I got some German chocolate, and mustard! Spicy brown mustard is good, but nothing compares to “Senf”.

Hey Faithie, the count is up to 15! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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