Coming to Kandern

Brandy Cross stitchingWe rose bright and early to catch the Inter City Express train to Basel, Switzerland. We were a bit concerned because our train passes don’t allow us to leave Germany, but it turns out that the Deutsche Bahn (German Train System) operated the tracks in Basel, and thus the Basel station is technically still German. Are you confused? We were. 🙂 Brandy spent the trip cross stiching some bears (check left) and I mostly just watched the scenery roll by. Have a look at the guy behind Brandy. I think he was a spy. He looks very nervous. 😉

Durand picked us up at the station, and the pouring rain kept us from exploring Basel, so we headed straight for Kandern. There we got to look at the Black Forest Academy where the kids will be attending school. They have both a Junior High and High School as well as a separate elementary school in a different village. Here’s a picture of the elementary school:
BFA Elementary
We didn’t really get to look around but we’ll be doing that tomorrow. Kandern is a lovely little tourist town. Here’s a picture of one of the two main streets:
Downtown Kandern
Finally we went grocery shopping. Durand thought it would be good for us to get a fairly complete picture, so we started by going to the small Mom and Pop type discount store where they do most of their shopping — the selection is very poor but the prices are great — and then went to the main supermarket. The selection there was impressive, they even had a little corner for things imported from America, but the prices were sky high. One begins to understand very quickly why Durand does all his shopping at the discount place, despite the poor selection. You might not be able to plan the meal you want, but you’ll be able to plan a meal.

Tonight we’re having dinner at Durand’s house and then having dessert with a few other GEM missionaries. It will be a very small rememberance for the forth of July. We hope everyone stateside has a wonderful and safe celebration. God Bless!

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