Interviews in Cologne…

No Dragons!Brittany will be disappointed by some of the enforced policies here in Cologne 🙂 but it was a great day and we were able to get 12 interviews done on the streets this afternoon and then had a very profitable interview with a lovely German couple this evening who successfully planted a church here, and are now considering full time mission work. So far everything has gone very well, and God has been paving the way ahead of us!

Here are some additional sites from Cologne:

Isaac will be happy to know the planes fly very low here. And Faith will be interested in this Gentleman’s puppet shows. Jason has informed us he is something of a fixture in Cologne. He can be seen doing his shows almost every day, and is always willing to let small children pound on his drums.
The Puppetmaster
Additional information about today and yesterday‘s work is available on Durand’s blog with some great pictures.

God Bless. More tomorrow!

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