In the good ole summer time….

It’s been a big couple of days here. Isaac headed off to camp yesterday and will be gone through Friday. It will be his first time really being away from home for any length of time, and he was very excited as we saw him off.
Isaac rides the zip-line
Britt took off today for an overnight with her friend who lives up the street and Tim is packing up to head back to Hawaii tomorrow. Vanessa and the rest of the Tim Coxes are about to head off to visit the extended family in Louisianna and then will be joining him in Hawaii. All things considered, there are Coxes headed in all directions.

I spent much of the day hammering out our own travel plans. Reviewing the details I had and seeking the answers to those I didn’t. (If you’re interested, the latest revision of our schedule is here). We’re excited. Tomorrow night we’ll be addressing the short term missions committee at church seeking some financial assistance for our trip. If you think of it, please say a prayer for us around 6 pm MST.

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