Father’s Day

(I meant to get this up yesterday, but the activity of the day got the better of me)

Today was truly lovely. That’s a little hard to believe considering the unreasonable hour that I rolled out of bed. But it’s true. I think the first real symptom that cued me I was in for a great day was when I abandoned my post for a few minutes at church to run up and say good morning to my wife in our Sunday School class. As I glanced through the door she was engaged in conversation, and grinning from ear to ear. Many of you have met Brandy, but you may not realize the impact she has when she’s really smiling. She becomes truly radiant and you just can’t help but feel good when you see a smile like that.

The next big indicator that things were going well was when I was violently mobbed by three small children who, regardless of their level of awareness that it was Father’s Day, just had to give me a hug. The truly lucky thing was that they were all my kids!

Then, as we drove up toward my parents house for a Father’s Day BBQ, Brandy pulled up a stop light and just had to give me a Father’s Day present. I thought a stoplight was sort of a strange place for this, until I saw the gift. It was the new Nichole Nordeman CD. I have to stop for a minute and plug Nichole a bit. Not only is she a local Colorado Springs girl, and a veteran of the Fine Arts Center — I actually heard her sing for the first time while auditioning for Guys and Dolls — but she writes some of the most spiritually challenging music I have ever heard. Her music regularly tackles the struggles we face as Christians, and I often find myself wrestling more than listening, and I love that!

The BBQ was lovely, and as ever I got to sit back and watch my Dad in admiration as he gave himself to his grandkids completely without reservation. Someday I hope to be half the father he continues to be. Brandy turned up with more presents including a bunch of hand made shirts. Mine is pictured below, and yes, those are my kids actual hands … their feet are on the back.

Dad Shirt

As Brandy put faith to bed for the night, I got to spend some time playing games with Britt and Isaac and then I got to have a nice quiet evening with my wife. All in all, it’s tough to beat a life like I’ve been given. Sometimes in the tumult and stress of the work day I lose sight of how much God has blessed me. Father’s Day was a great reminder!

Add in a phone call from a fellow who has been a good friend since I was 6, and an overwhelming number of people stop me to say not only they were aware of our trip, but that they would be praying for our impact and success! With a base of prayer support like that underneath us, we can’t help but succeed!

God bless you all. I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day as did I.

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