The Billy Graham of Germany
Today we worked on our last several interviews. One was with Anton Schulte (above) who is affectionately known as the “Billy Graham of Germany.” Anton was a POW in Scotland, who came to Christ in prison, and then came home to bring the Gospel to Germany. He has spent his entire life preaching the Gospel and his ministry, Neues Leben contines that work today. Anton has asked us to shoot a pilot for an 8 minute eveangelism program he is hoping to do for a struggling Evangelical satellite TV channel. We’re going to try to make this happen Sunday, but it’s a long shot. As Durand pointed out, while there are other video ministries in Europe, most of them are so tightly focused, doing a project like this one, or helping out Anton would be impossible.

Brandy and I had planned a date night tonight. (We still haven’t gotten our schnitzel :() We thought we would head downtown, have dinner, and maybe take a boat trip down the Rhein. However, we got rained out. Instead the whole video crew went to a nearby local haunt to experience more of the culture of Cologne. This is a city which knows itself. If you are in Cologne, you are definately not anywhere else.

We also interviewed another lovely evangelical couple today. They shared their testimony on film, and then invited us to have “apple cake” with their children. Hospitality is very important here, and everyone who has invited us into their home has embraced us with open arms.

Tomorrow is our really long day. Durand is heading back to Kandern, and we’re going to have to catch the train back to Cologne and then begin editing furiously. Please be in prayer for us. We will be lugging a lot of gear on the train, and it’s a long day even without 9 hours of travel.

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  1. Hi There!
    Just wanted to say hi and to remind you, we are leaving for Mi. early Sat. morning. We’ll be back Tue. Please keep us in your prayers. And just got a e-mail from Karen , I guess she went in to the hospital to be induced 5:00 this morning. So keep her in your prayers as well, please πŸ™‚
    Sounds like you’re having a great adventure and all is going well πŸ™‚ I’m so proud of you!
    God Bless you and cause you to prosper in all you do for His Glory πŸ™‚
    You are always in my prayers,
    Love , Mom

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