We spent the morning doing street interviews again today, and headed out in just a few minutes to meet with another couple at their home. The street interviews have been really interesting. Hearing people try to express what they think about Jesus, or heaven and hell without any basic spiritual foundation really helps us to understand how critical missions really are.
A street interview in Cologne
We’re had a few changes to the schedule, and I wanted to post them in case anyone is actually taking the time to pray through specifically (BTW, we’re 8 hours ahead, so it’s about 6:20am Colorado time, but it’s 2:20pm here. On our way back from out afternoon interview, Jason and I are going to return via the subway with the camera. We’re going to try to get some footage of the rush hour crowds. Then we’re probably going to head off to do more street interviews on the University campus. Originally we had intended to be beginning editing tonight, but the additional interviews of some younger people, many of whom have probably spent a bit of time thinking about these questions could be too valuable to pass up.

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