A Vision for our Future

I admit it. I’ve been holding back on you. 🙂 For some time now, we’ve been discussing making a short term trip to Germany to kind of get our feet wet and get a feel for how things will be when we go long term. The opportunity has finally arrived.

Jason and Sue HolmWe’ll be leaving the end of June to go to Cologne, Germany for two weeks. There we will be working on a project with Jason Holm and Creative Works. You will find some details on Durand’s blog, but I think Jason has probably summarized it best in his most recent prayer letter:

In an effort to encourage existing churches to plant daughter churches, I have begun putting together a multimedia seminar that I will offer to churches. … I envision a fast paced, creative and modern seminar with video clips, PowerPoint, music and a series of “elevator pitches” on evangelism and church planting. I would like to target 25-45 year old Christians who have a heart for evangelism, are creative and have entrepreneurial gifts like leadership, Apostleship and faith. These people have, for the most part, grown up in a church that has a huddle mentality and has failed miserably in reaching out to its community. They have often been stifled in their faith and expression of their gifts and are longing for a change … These are the people whose hearts I want to capture … I want them to realize that it is their spiritual responsibility to do it – and that it can be done. I am collaborating on this project with another GEM missionary, Durand Robinson, who is very gifted in multimedia. He has recruited a professional videographer, Ted Cox, to come and help. During the last week of June and we will be doing interviews with Christian leaders and with lay people who have been involved in a church plant or have come to faith in a young church. We also want to do street interviews with non-Christians asking them why they don’t go to church. My experience is that … a new church plant has the wonderful opportunity to focus on the answers they are looking for. Please PRAY that God would help us as we work on this project.

Durand and Ruth RobinsonAs you can imagine we’re very excited. This will be a wonderful opportunity to work with Durand, who will be my supervisor in Europe, and also to impact Europe for Christ! It’s hard to imagine a much better opportunity than that.

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