Brittany: Queen of the Jungle!

One wonders how the addage “Time flies when your having fun” squares with parenting. Is it that the joy of parenting simply all credits as fun, or is it just that time flies when you’re tearing out your hair with worry?

Today Brittany crossed the threshold from the tender young age of eleven to the big twelve. I will confess to being in shock. I can’t believe she’s that old. There is no question, time has flown, all that remains is … was I having fun? 🙂 (Absolutely!)

Happy Birthday Brittany!

For her birthday, Brittany planned an outing with several friends to the Zoo. Conveniently, District 11 decided to cancel school (I am convinced for the purpose of honoring Brittany’s birthday). Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. We woke up to a small dusting of snow this morning, a chill in the air, and a nasty biting wind. So much for the Zoo. But the jungle party favors and general theme held.

It has long been the tradition in our family that I decorate the birthday cakes. (Don’t worry, for the sake of our children, I only decorate. Brandy does the baking.) Over the years, I have produced a number of cakes of which I am proud. Today I was asked for a jungle print cake. Not a picture of a jungle mind, an imitation of the jungle print on Britt’s jungle bandana party favors, and I can say without reservation that it was the worst, ugliest cake I have ever had the misfortune of destroying. However, the upside was that I used a lot of frosting… Those of you who have tasted Brandy’s home made cherry frosting know that is a BIG upside. 🙂 But I digress….

What is truly important here is that Brittany has been such a wonderful addition to our family and our lives. Everyone who meets her is struck by her contagious smile, and exuberant optimism. She is truly a joy, and a fine example of the love of Jesus Christ. Would you take a few moments to commemorate the occasion and say a prayer for Brittany?

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