Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

Ahhh! The Holidays are upon us. Brandy wrapped up school on Tuesday, the kids on Friday and tonight is my final night for a few weeks. Sunday was the final Advent service of the season at church, meaning I’m off the hook for complicated animations for a week or two. (Yeah!)

Over the next couple of days my brother Doug and his family will be rolling into town, and on Christmas day my other brother Tim will fly in to be reunited with his family, and to spend some time with the rest of us as well.

In Cox land, Christmas will mean many large family gathers, repeated playings of Robert Goulet’s This Christmas I Spend with You, and a lot of really fattening goodies.

For Christmas this year, I promised Brandy a new floor in the bathroom, which has morphed into a minor remodeling project, but we’re hoping to get it wrapped in the next day or two.

All in all, there is a peace and contentment at this moment, standing on the verge of Christ’s birth. For months I’ve been restless — as have many of you I suspect — with all the hustle and hubbub of the season, but now as the todo list is getting shorter and shorter, I have a moment to revel in the meaning behind our celebration. Two thousand years ago the mighty God of the universe wrapped himself in flesh and was born as a tiny baby — no doubt complete with ear infections and teething, learning to walk and talk, all the trappings of babyhood — so that you and I could be set free from sin. The most amazing thing is that was the easy part. 🙂

I hope that where ever you are this Christmas you get a moment or two of peace to reflect on what an awesome thing it is we’re celebrating.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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