Why Europe?

Certainly the question of why do missions in Europe is a common one. As we have begun the process of meeting with people to raise our support one thing has been clear. Very few people consider Europe to be a needy missions field. In fact it sounds like a pretty choice assignment.

As we think of Europe, most of us picture huge cathederals, recall the names of great religious leaders, and envision a society very close to our own. Europe has a rich history both religiously and culturally.

However, today’s Europe is not what most of us imagine. The church is a government operated institution maintained via taxation. The people are largely post-modern, believing that absolutes like right and wrong don’t exist. In fact, a smaller percentage of Europeans are evangelical Christians than are Africans or even Chinese! Many Europeans are not only “post-Christian” they are overtly anti-Christian. This can be seen at least anectdotally in the post “Europe – The Dark Continent.”

For all intents and purposes, Europe has become spiritually dead. With a growing population of 750 million — many of whom are muslims from the Middle East — and a powerful international voice, Europe must be redeemed.

Greater Europe Mission has put together a powerful video about the spiritual condition of Europe. I highly recommend watching it. (Quicktime required)

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