Who are we?

Ted – Ted loves the Lord and grows stronger in his faith every day. The kids and I are so blessed to have him in our lives. Compassionate, loving, handsome, snuggly and sacrificing are just a few words I would use to describe him. He is extremely intelligent, and I love to hear him speak (except when he’s telling me I’m wrong and I need to do things differently). A few of his many talents involve video and the arts. His vision is to change our fallen world through positive media and sharing the gospel. Being the son of an Air Force officer gave him the opportunity to live in Germany for at least half his childhood. The culture is one of history and beauty; it caught Ted and never let him go.

Brandy – When I asked Brandy what I should write about her, she replied simply “I’m a homemaker and I love the Lord.” In a lot of ways this is an excellent summary, and yet it fails to do her justice. Brandy is a beautiful and intelligent woman of exceptional character. She is quick to sacrifice for the good of the people around her, and she has a huge heart for young teenage mothers struggling to do what’s right for their children. As an Army brat, she spent six years of her childhood in Germany, and has longed to go back ever since.

Brittany – Currently Britt wants to work in an orphanage “when she grows up.” She says that she wants all the kids without parents to have an opportunity to experience the kind of love she feels at her house. As a middle schooler, she has her Mom’s beauty and intelligence, and her father’s flair for the dramatic. She plays the trumpet and loves to read.

Isaac – Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails sum up Isaac to some degree. He is 100% boy. Riding bikes, running races, throwing and kicking the football — Isaac continues to insist his favorite subject in school is P.E. — standing on his head… But in addition to his inherent boyness, Isaac also posesses a keen sense of humor, a contageous smile, and is capable of producing every type and sound of laughter known to exist. Currently Isaac is studying the piano, playing playstation, and dreaming of sports cars.

Faith – If you could bottle stubborn, we could provide you with a life long supply. Faith Victoria lives up to her name! Not only does she believe in the unseen, she has the persistence and determination of her mother and father combined (and probably squared). All of that punch is packed into a cute, curly haired little baby doll who is convinced that a smile and an “I love you” fixes everything. (And it usually does.)

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  1. Lovely place to visit and reminisce. You are doing a super job here. It is very impressive!

    Love you all,


  2. Hi Coxes, I got your web site information from Amber Odvody at First Pres in Colorado Springs. I am Randy Case sending you a note on Christmas Morning 2007. I just wanted to send all of you, and especially Isaac, my special heartfelt greetings. As you may recall, I am the shepherd for The Connection 5-C class where Isaac would be attending. I can tell you, I do really miss him from class. I am in hopes you are all doing well overseas as we celebrate Jesus birthday today. Yesterday (Christmas Eve) I observed the 1pm Christmas Eve worship service conducted by kids (ages K-5th grade) for kids and I am sure Isaac would have been there helping sing and bring the message if he were here. It was a very nice blessing with 4 other 5-C class members participating. I hope sometimes you all get to watch the 1st Pres worship services on the internet at http://www.first-pres.org. Blessings to all of you for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Mr. Randy (Case) Cell: (719) xxx-xxxx

  3. HEY, TED: I can’t believe you are here in Germany! I have moved away twice and back, but am still teaching for DoDDs at Ramstein. Let me know where you guys are living, etc. It is so cool! I am married and have one daughter, who is a junior in (my) high school! I direct the musical here every year! deb

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