The Rescue

When Faith was around one year old she was standing at the top of the stairs looking down. We have a built in wooden guard, but it was not latched. For those of you who know Faith well, know that it was a little more dangerous then just the possibility of a one year-old falling down the stairs. Her Aunt Lynae coined it perfectly by stating, after watching Faith jump off of Grandma and Papa’s one stair dining room, with a huge smile on her face, at the age of about 6 months, I think you have a thrill-seeker on your hands.

Well, Isaac, about 5 at the time, saw Faith standing there with adventure in her eyes. Just as she was about to throw herself down the 12 fairly steep stairs, Isaac went running up to catch her and was very successful. From that day forward Faith has decided that her Bubby is her hero. He is invincible and always there to save her. He can take any kind of beating she can dish out, and boy does she try, and no amount of bickering will ever dampen his resolve. They really are quite a pair, but even though they like to be normal brother and sister and fight about every imaginable thing, we frequently hear them playing some form of hero/little girl in distress scenario, and it’s almost always Faith initiating it.

Isaac is her personal hero. It’s awesome to hear them giggling together about some silly bad guy that Isaac has rescued Faith from once again.

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