Europe – The Dark Continent

For anyone still holding to the belief that Europe is just like here, read THIS article. This is also a fine example of where we are headed!

    Another German homeschool family lost a recent court case when the judge ruled that the parents had no rights to have input into the manner and method of education in government schools. In this case, hard-core pornography reportedly was being used to teach the children in their German-language course. The judge also ruled that fundamentalist Christians who do not want their children to attend the government schools are not protected by the nation’s constitution.

And on the home front… CBS ran a story yesterday that I can no longer find on their web site talking about the main stream acceptance of pornography in the United States. The thing I found the most disturbing was not that virtually every major hotel chain offers pornography in the rooms, but that 50% of their guests actually purchase it! At least according to CBS.

Moral decay in our society?

UPDATE: Found it. Scary, but worth a read. You should know what we’re up against!

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2 Replies to “Europe – The Dark Continent”

  1. The reference that you cite is incomplete. There are no names, dates, jurisdictions, or actual citations of any case or court. The phrase “hard-core pornography reportedly” is designed to inflame the reader without any support for the statement.

    I am willing to believe only one fact from the story – German parents do not have the legal right to home school their children. I honestly do not know whether this is the truth, or whether the German constitution prohibits this activity. If German citizens think these laws should be changed, then they are empowered to change their own laws.

    It would be paternalistic and arrogant for us to assume that our constitution and our laws are the only way to organize a society. I think you would agree that the government has an interest in how children are educated. If you were to learn of a family that was home schooling children with “hard core pornography reportedly,” then you would want the government to intervene on behalf of the children.

    I completely disagree that this is an example of where we are headed. I’m not even convinced that this is an example of where Germany, let alone all of Europe, is headed.

    I believe that you are sincere in wanting to help people. I would respectfully submit that you would be better served, not by citing random instances, but looking at well-researched and documented trends.

  2. Sohia, Glad you found our site.

    While I agree with you that journalists often take great liberty with the facts, I found this particular news article to be consistent with my own knowledge of the German people and their attitudes toward homeschooling, Christianity, and particularly to pornography. That does not mean that it is necessarily accurate. I have cited the source of the article in my posting and would encourage you to follow up and form your own opinion as to their veracity.

    It has been my experience that the HSLDA who appears to be the source for this particular article does not tend to cite names, or court filing numbers in their reports. I presume this is a confidentiality issue, although I don’t know. If it is an issue of concern for you, I recommend you follow up with them. Their web site is

    I agree completely with your remark above: “It would be paternalistic and arrogant for us to assume that our constitution and our laws are the only way to organize a society.” However, this article is talking about Christians being denied legal rights on the basis of their beliefs, and I feel confident in my ability to disagree with that.

    Our purpose here is not to fight for the right of Germans to homeschool, or even to crusade against pornography, but instead to reach out to the people of Europe and enable the believers among them to more effectively share the gospel. It is our belief that with the spread of the gospel will come a change in culture that will make these other struggles more manageable.

    Our purpose in posting this article was to help those people who are interested in our mission to better understand the spiritual climate and struggles which are going on in Europe today. It is easy for us to assume that they are just like us, and that is not the case. I felt this article was a good example of one of the areas where things in Europe are profoundly different, and deeply troubled.

    God bless, and thanks for taking a look!

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