Today at the office…

A lot is happening right now. The first rough cut of the Josephine trailer is done. I’m also working on getting the final version of Land of Alienation up on youtube. As I’m typing, Alex the Intern is in the edit suite feverishly working on tomorrow’s vlog.

There’s also a new home for all our project updates:

It’s a great time for new people to connect with The Josephine Project. So it felt like the right time to build a website. Right now, there isn’t much content there. Although you can view all our vlogs, subscribe to the youtube channel, or sign up for email updates as the project moves forward. I’m hoping to begin expanding the site with new content in the next week or so. For now, have a look, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Sparks flying

23:07 – Just got finished with a great meeting planning for our trailer.

I need to sleep now, but I’m super psyched to get up tomorrow and work on a new script draft.

I love it when things shake loose and the ideas start to come.

This isn’t much of a blog post, but it’s what I have from today. More tomorrow.