How2Video – Get Your Story Straight

It was a very long process getting this video done.  My role in GEM’s annual conference, as well as numerous other projects kept pushing it further and further back, not to mention the scope of the material being pretty challenging to begin with.  However, over the past several months, has become the permanent home on the web for the series (even if the site is still just a place holder), I’ve gotten to work with some great new people, had a blast working with some friends, and the first and probably the most difficult instructional video is done.  🙂  Let me know what you think.

HOW_TO:VIDEO – Intro – for review

This is the first segment from the video series I’ve been working on.  The concept is to produce a series a videos, directed at missionaries, to help them correspond with their supporters via video.  The hope is that this will more deeply engage the North American audience in missions, as well as helping missionaries more effectively communicate the exciting stories from their fields.  The video may still change a little bit, but this should be pretty close to what the final video will look like.

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Shooting myself…


Last week I started shooting our new web video series aimed at helping missionaries with their video correspondence. Because we’re thinking about missionaries and their budgets, we’re making a lot of difficult equipment choices. For example, we are shooting on my $200 handy-cam instead of on our professional high definition cameras.


I left our Arri light kit on the shelf, and lit the set with a lumber yard light, and two desk lamps. It’s been a long time since I’ve done work in this budget class, and it’s an interesting reminder of how much time you spend trying to make the wrong equipment do a job well. I’ve seen this again and again as we’ve done construction on our offices, the right tool can make a job so much simpler. Of course, having the wrong tool with skills and know how beats the right tool in unskilled hands. I’ve been the latter a lot as I’ve been doing construction, so it’s nice to be making a video, even with some challenges.

(photos courtesy of W.M.)