Running Just To Catch Myself

Some days, I could swear I’m on a hamster wheel.

More than a decade ago, Mark Schultz wrote a great song about the general busyness that pervades American life. One of the things I love about living in Germany is that things move a little slower here. Shops and restaurants close early. I walk most places and spend virtually no time in my car. But somehow, my American-ness still gets the better of me a lot.

I set out with grand ambitions… but now it’s after 8pm, and I just didn’t get much done.┬áIt’s amazing how a day can feel completely full, like every moment is accounted for, and yet almost nothing got done. How does that even happen?

Do you ever feel this? Like somehow all of your effort amounted to nothing? How do you cope? What are your strategies to make tomorrow better? I’d love to read them in the comments.