Faith’s First Day of Preschool

Ted and I took Faith to her very first day of school. It wasn’t nearly as sad as I thought it might be. She had lots of fun. Not really playing with other kids, but all of the new toys were very exciting to her. She played with about 5 different things over the two hour time we were there. It was really pretty funny. One of the other students has 13-month old twin (brother and sister) and Faith played more with the little boy then with anyone else. Then she was introduced to a little boy in her class named Isaac, which she later called “Buddy”, and decided to go to the kitchen area with him. He quickly decided the kitchen was boring and found something else to do, but Faith stayed for about 25 minutes, doing the dishes, putting the dishes away, making cupcakes, getting out the clean dishes and serving people around the room.

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Faith’s new friend….

At diner tonight Faith told use about her friend Maurice who “talks funny.” When we were curious, she decided to call “Maurice” so we could hear her talk funny as well. So she picked up the phone, dialed (Maurice’s number is 2) and waited patiently for Maurice to pick up and say — in her funny voice — “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try your call again…”