Brandy and Ted turn 7!

Just a quick note. Today is Brandy and my 7th annaversary! I can say with absolutely no reservations, it has been the best seven years of my life, and I fully expect the next seven to be even better.

God Bless you all!

New Format

I have recently discovered blogging, and thought this would be an excellent means of distributing information about our mission. It substantially simplifies our update process, and for those of you reading along on the internet, it means you can get updates more frequently!

Hope you’ll stop in often. God Bless.

Europe – The Dark Continent

For anyone still holding to the belief that Europe is just like here, read THIS article. This is also a fine example of where we are headed!

    Another German homeschool family lost a recent court case when the judge ruled that the parents had no rights to have input into the manner and method of education in government schools. In this case, hard-core pornography reportedly was being used to teach the children in their German-language course. The judge also ruled that fundamentalist Christians who do not want their children to attend the government schools are not protected by the nation’s constitution.

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Faith’s First Day of Preschool

Ted and I took Faith to her very first day of school. It wasn’t nearly as sad as I thought it might be. She had lots of fun. Not really playing with other kids, but all of the new toys were very exciting to her. She played with about 5 different things over the two hour time we were there. It was really pretty funny. One of the other students has 13-month old twin (brother and sister) and Faith played more with the little boy then with anyone else. Then she was introduced to a little boy in her class named Isaac, which she later called “Buddy”, and decided to go to the kitchen area with him. He quickly decided the kitchen was boring and found something else to do, but Faith stayed for about 25 minutes, doing the dishes, putting the dishes away, making cupcakes, getting out the clean dishes and serving people around the room.

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