Middle School

Middle school is quite a challenge for most kids. But our Brittany decided that she wanted to prove to everyone that “it’s just not that hard”. The change from having one teacher in one room for the whole year (except for the extras like gym, art, and music) to having five different teachers and changing rooms for every class is pretty difficult for most 6th graders. But Britt’s school decided they were going to try out a block system, where the kids have two hours per subject, so they can have more time for hands on learning, which is good. But it also means the kids have different schedules every other day. So she not only had to get used to lockers, changing classes, new teachers, a new huge building, and lots and lots of new kids, but she wasn’t even afforded the luxury of some routine. But Britt excelled, in her attempt to prove that Middle School is not that scary, she got all A’s and one B on her first quarter report card. We are very proud of her hard work and ambition. She is proof positive that the name Brittany means “strength.”

The Rescue

When Faith was around one year old she was standing at the top of the stairs looking down. We have a built in wooden guard, but it was not latched. For those of you who know Faith well, know that it was a little more dangerous then just the possibility of a one year-old falling down the stairs. Her Aunt Lynae coined it perfectly by stating, after watching Faith jump off of Grandma and Papa’s one stair dining room, with a huge smile on her face, at the age of about 6 months, “I think you have a thrill-seeker on your hands.”

Well, Isaac, about 5 at the time, saw Faith standing there with adventure in her eyes. Just as she was about to throw herself down the 12 fairly steep stairs, Isaac went running up to catch her and was very successful. From that day forward Faith has decided that her “Bubby” is her hero. He is invincible and always there to save her. He can take any kind of beating she can dish out, and boy does she try, and no amount of bickering will ever dampen his resolve. They really are quite a pair, but even though they like to be normal brother and sister and fight about every imaginable thing, we frequently hear them playing some form of hero/little girl in distress scenario, and it’s almost always Faith initiating it.

Isaac is her personal hero. It’s awesome to hear them giggling together about some silly bad guy that Isaac has rescued Faith from once again.

Why Europe?

Certainly the question of why do missions in Europe is a common one. As we have begun the process of meeting with people to raise our support one thing has been clear. Very few people consider Europe to be a needy missions field. In fact it sounds like a pretty choice assignment.
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Thanksgiving Support Raising Trip

We’re planning on making a trip out to Missouri around Thanksgiving this year. It is out hope that we’ll be able to meet with the missions folks at Brandy’s old church. So far it has been a bit of a struggle, and at the moment, I still don’t even have the vacation time approved. Please pray that God’s will be done, and that if it is his will we will be able to make the trip work and make some important progress toward our support raising goals.

UPDATE: My vacation is now tenatively approved (as long as all the preparation for Thanksgiving and Advent are done — no small task that). However, we still do not have word from the church about whether or not they will meet with us. With only the one week left this is critical, and your prayers are urgently needed.

Comment Spammers

Well, I finally brought this online last night, and this morning the comments of several posts had been spammed by an online casino. After a bit of work this morning, I think it should be much harder for spammers to leave their junk on the site. However, if one of you has any trouble posting a comment, please let me know! We want to hear from you, just not from the spammers. 🙂