Home at last!

We made it! God is good. In fact, God is very good. The storm that was sweeping eastward across Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, passed over while we were sleeping in our hotel, and we awoke to largely clear dry roads for the rest of our trip. So far no one else has gotten sick, and Brandy was even able to get to her class tonight. Praise God! And thanks for all your prayers.

A day late…

I thought it was probably time to stop updating the previous post and start a new one.

We managed to get on the road today, and are now settling in at a motel in Salina, Kansas. Brittany is feeling much better, but Brandy is having some stomach flutters, so we still need your prayers! We are also traveling into a nasty storm front.

The final issue is at work, one of my guys is having to step up to the plate and try to cover a pretty complicated animation in my absense. So please pray that God will watch over him, and help the process to go smoothly!

God Bless, and your continued prayers are making a difference!

Raising Support with a side of cranberry sauce…

The guests that keep on staying… Britt’s now running a pretty good fever, and our brief flirtation with a run to Kansas was aborted. We’re still in Missouri and will be until at least tomorrow. God Bless, and thanks for your prayers.

Change of plan?!?!? Brittany is sick, and has been throwing up since sometime in the middle of the night. If she doesn’t begin feeling better soon we will have to delay our departure. Please be in prayer that God’s will is done, and that Britt will feel better! Thanks!

Update: Tomorrow we’ll be heading back to Colorado. We had a wonderful trip, and feel like we were able to accomplish our goals while we were here. We met with representatives from two churches, and while there has been no immediate promise of support, both agreed to pray earnestly, and that is the most we could ever ask for. Thanks so much for your prayers, and please continue to hold up our safe travel as we return home!

Well, tomorrow morning early we’ll be off for Missouri!

Since I asked for prayer in my earlier post about this trip (Thanksgiving Support Raising Trip), I wanted to update you on where things stand.
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Well, it’s official. We’re now on Google and Yahoo. It seems to me this has the potential to be a blessing or a curse. Please pray that it will be a blessing!


Since we’ve just deployed this new site, I wanted to take a sec to thank you for having a look and make sure you know how to get around. On the left side you’ll find a FAQ with basic info about our mission as well as a list of categories that will take you to various subjects covered here on our blog.

Here are some quick links to get you started:

Why the new format?
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There is also a calendar, archives by month, and a link to make a faith promise to our mission if that is where God is leading you. We hope that you enjoy our site and will take a few minutes to leave a comment or two before you go. God Bless!