Why Us?

Wow! This is such a big question. It’s certainly one that we have asked ourselves a time or two. The real answer is that understanding why God does things, and how He chooses His agents is definitely beyond the realm of human understanding. That said, there are a few reasons that I believe contributed to His selection.
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Who are we?

Ted – Ted loves the Lord and grows stronger in his faith every day. The kids and I are so blessed to have him in our lives. Compassionate, loving, handsome, snuggly and sacrificing are just a few words I would use to describe him. He is extremely intelligent, and I love to hear him speak (except when he’s telling me I’m wrong and I need to do things differently). A few of his many talents involve video and the arts. His vision is to change our fallen world through positive media and sharing the gospel. Being the son of an Air Force officer gave him the opportunity to live in Germany for at least half his childhood. The culture is one of history and beauty; it caught Ted and never let him go.

Brandy – When I asked Brandy what I should write about her, she replied simply “I’m a homemaker and I love the Lord.” In a lot of ways this is an excellent summary, and yet it fails to do her justice. Brandy is a beautiful and intelligent woman of exceptional character. She is quick to sacrifice for the good of the people around her, and she has a huge heart for young teenage mothers struggling to do what’s right for their children. As an Army brat, she spent six years of her childhood in Germany, and has longed to go back ever since.
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Middle School

Middle school is quite a challenge for most kids. But our Brittany decided that she wanted to prove to everyone that “it’s just not that hard”. The change from having one teacher in one room for the whole year (except for the extras like gym, art, and music) to having five different teachers and changing rooms for every class is pretty difficult for most 6th graders. But Britt’s school decided they were going to try out a block system, where the kids have two hours per subject, so they can have more time for hands on learning, which is good. But it also means the kids have different schedules every other day. So she not only had to get used to lockers, changing classes, new teachers, a new huge building, and lots and lots of new kids, but she wasn’t even afforded the luxury of some routine. But Britt excelled, in her attempt to prove that Middle School is not that scary, she got all A’s and one B on her first quarter report card. We are very proud of her hard work and ambition. She is proof positive that the name Brittany means “strength.”