Britt wrote this some time last year and has written an addition to it this year regarding her friends at Middle School. As you can see she has a huge burden for her friends and their lives and salvation. If you’d pray for both Britt and her friends she’d be greatly appreciative. It’s quite an honor to have such a Christ-minded middle schooler. I thank my God everyday for her and her siblings. To think God would have chosen a selfish and rebelling 17-year old to bless with this wonderful individual who loves so deeply.

“Grasping with unseeing eyes,
Grasping with numb hands and a concealed heart;
to find the one thing worht worshipping.
This is what my dear friends are
battling against.
It is a heartbreaking sight.

I pour out the precious droplets of faith into their
golden jewel rimmed, name plated goblets of life,
but they are left to evaporate

I will continue to shine with the overflowing
joy of Jesus Chrust in front of their crippled lives;
But only You Lord, have the power to open their
eyes, warm their hands and shatter the walls of concealment.

‘Lord grant me
the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,
they courage to change
the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference.’

In all, Lord
Let them know the

Disaster Relief

Brandy and I are hopping on a plane to Michigan today for her Grandfather’s funeral, but I wanted to take a moment to offer up some ways that we can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Before I say anything else, I want to be sure I make clear up front that the greatest contribution we can make is prayer. Please pray for the victims of this terrible disaster. That said, Brandy just made the following offer to members of our Sunday School class, and I wanted to extend it to any other in town readers:

“I was wondering if any of you would be interested in helping out those affected by the hurricane. My sister-in-law, Lynae, ( whom some of you met at Bible Study several weeks ago) and her family are stationed in Northern Louisiana and have hundreds if not thousands of refugees where she lives. The schools have opened their doors and they are asking for donations for mostly baby items, food, and diapers and such. They are also asking for hygiene items: shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, etc. If any of you would like to send anything to her I would be happy to mail it and she would be happy to get it to the churches in her area. We’d prefer money because it weighs less, but I do know some of you may have the items and no money to mail it. So please just let me know. I’d be happy to help anyway we can. I cannot imagine the devastation most of those people are feeling right now.”

For those of you out of town, or less comfortable with our small efforts here are several other ways for you to get involved. Check out Soldiers Angels. They are working on providing relief specifically to the families of soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also check out Feed the Children who are working to bring relief supplies to people there along the gulf coast. They’re desperate for gas money to get their supplies where they need to be. There may also be a few of you who want to get out there and do the work yourself, and that’s great. In that case I recommend checking in with my denomination. The PCUSA is working on getting work teams connected with areas of need. You can get in touch with them to find out where your efforts can be most valuable.

God Bless!

Grandpa has Gone Home

Just wanted to ask for prayer for my extended family on my Mom’s side. My Grandfather went home to be with the Lord this morning. Mom said it couldn’t have been a more perfect moment if she had planned it. She was there with her little sister and her Daddy just fell asleep very peacefully. All of her brothers were able to come up in time to say good-bye and Grandpa was ready. He’d been struggling with cancer for a while now and was ready.
The most important thing about this is that up until a few weeks ago my Grandfather was adamantly opposed accepting Christ. He believed in Him, but would not accept the fact that he needed Him. But I think it finally dawned on him in his last few weeks of struggling with cancer and the inevitability of meeting his Maker, my Grandpa finally said the prayer of salvation. You have no idea how excited we all were when my Uncle Ron shared with us that he got to the be the one to lead him through it. I had asked for prayer some time ago from you all that my Grandpa would accept Christ before his time came and he did! Thank you so much for your continued prayers. May God bless each of you.

Life Network

I’ve been slowly trying to finish up my training to be a counselor at the Colorado Springs pregnancy center, which is one of the parts of Life Network. When I finish up my educational requirements for GEM, I can spend more time volunteering downtown. I’ll be able to go on Mondays, which just so happens to be their busiest day, because it’s Ted’s day off and Faith will be in Preschool.

The President of the center has announced that 84% of the abortion minded clients who have an ultrasound choose to carry their baby to term. But the center made a point of sharing with us that we are not there to “save babies”. We are there to share Christ with these girls who are in desperate need of a Savior. It is very exciting for me to be a part of this ministry because even though I started out believing I wanted nothing more then to save these innocent babies, I, more then most, understand how important it is to help these girls/women in this particular kind of crises. So I am very much looking forward to volunteering there on a regular basis soon.

Job’s Done!

Ok…. So what does that mean? Aside from the reference to Blizzard‘s Warcraft II, it means I have passed two significant milestones in our efforts to assimilate our trip and get moving back to Europe:

1) I have officially tendered my resignation here at First Pres.

2) I have completed a new video for us to show to potential supporters using the footage from our trip.

I am being brief to try to keep this a quick read, for more detail, click “More” to read on.
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