This vlog is probably the most important thing I’ve done recently. I actually shot the vlog on a Thursday afternoon, expecting to do some quick editing Friday morning, but the edit dragged, and around noon I realized what I had didn’t really work. The problem was that while I’d done a great job outlining all of the obstacles the project faced getting to where we are now, I’d completely failed to share the outcomes of all of those (now resolved) problems.

So I went back and reshot. It was a stressful, and long day, and the vlog got posted much later than planned. (I try to release on Youtube at 5pm Central European Time on Fridays and Facebook at 9pm Central European Time on Saturdays). However, the net result was some significant catharsis for me. Up to this point, I was stressed out, constantly worrying about the Kickstarter, our lack of publicity, and the possibility that the film wouldn’t be funded.

Since making this vlog, I’ve been able to put that aside and remember that God is in control. He’s carried me through a lot of crazy stuff. He can handle this too. Now, with just a few hours left in the Kickstarter, I’m content to wait and see what his plan is for The Josephine Project.

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