Almost time. Today, I decided it was smart to take a day to just hang out with my wife and daughter.

We watched Thor: Ragnarok again. It’s a fun movie. Although, I think a lot of the humor is based on unexpected behaviors and I wonder how that will hold up to repeated viewings.

It’s also super corny. Between the music and all the colors, it reminds me of Flash Gordon. Most folks consider that to be a complete waste of time, but I still think it’s funny. It’s just campy and silly and doesn’t even try to take itself seriously.

Regardless, Chris Hemsworth has an unexpected gift for comedy, particularly in the awkward behaviors genre.

Here’s something that keeps troubling me about this film (I know, I’m being nitpicky here). How can it be true that Thor grew up hearing legends of the Valkerie’s but doesn’t know they’ve all been wiped out, or really anything about the era in which they fought?

In project news, please be in prayer. I don’t want to post details publicly, but we are experiencing a lot of last minute issues. They’re significant and could really mess things up. God can handle all of it, though.

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