The Wisdom of the Intern

Yesterday, I took an extra day off. Our daughter was away at camp, and my wife and I had the house to ourselves. We chit-chatted, played some games, and had dinner with friends. It was a lovely day.

As I was leaving the office today, I asked my intern, “What should I blog about tonight?” But I didn’t stop there. I had to provide this additional commentary: “Because I was a loser and didn’t bother to write anything yesterday.”

He responded, “Write about how sometimes you need to give yourself a day off.”

And he’s right. 🙂

I love writing. And most days, I enjoy coming up with something for the blog. Although — I won’t lie — other days it’s grueling. I struggle some with knowing what from my life could possibly be interesting and worth writing about. I suspect that everyone else does too, but maybe not.

All truly great art is born of passion. We have to care about the art we’re creating. That’s why rest, breaks and doing things that recharge us is critical.

So, if you’re working on something and it’s starting to become drudgery, maybe it’s time to take a break. Don’t take my word for it, it’s the wisdom of the intern.

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