The Irish Folk Music Paradox

Life is funny some times. Tonight, I’m writing from a corner booth in a Dublin pub listening to an Irish flute and a guitar player. It’s so loud I can’t understand anything the waitress asks me. But I’ve got a lovely Irish red ale in front of me and I’m with my wife and daughter listening to live Irish folk music. So I can hardly complain, right?

I feel like this often happens to me. I’m in the middle of an incredible experience and I have to remind myself not to get caught up in the one or two uncomfortable details and just enjoy it.

Now they’re playing Ed Sheeran. Weird. I guess Sheeran sounds kind of Irish.

I know the Apostle Paul was talking about somewhat more serious issues when he talked about being content in all circumstances, but in my simple first world life, I think these kinds of tiny issues are the ones that bring me down.

Don’t get me wrong. The music is too loud. Way too loud. Hearing loss too loud. But I can’t change it. And when am I going to be in a Dublin pub listening to live music again?

Wow. Guns and Roses. Really? That’s not even remotely Irish.

The fact of the matter is that as soon as I stop focusing on how incredibly loud the music is, it starts to fade into the background and I get to enjoy the energy of the crowd, the taste of the hot Irish stew in front of me or my wife’s smile as she sways to the music.

Sometimes I think the only thing standing between me and the good life is… me.

What about you? How do you put aside the things that bother you to enjoy the good things that are happening in your life?

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