The Horrifying Moment

It’s been a very busy week, as we continue prepping for the film shoot. We’re coming to the end of the time when people can join the team, plane tickets can be booked for a reasonable cost, and new equipment can be shipped and still arrive on time. So we’re hitting a lot of deadlines that need action.

There are things that I’m pretty good at. However, organizing and multitasking aren’t among my skill sets. Tasks that would take a skilled organizer moments wind up taking me hours. And while my on set attention to detail is quite good, I’m prone to mistakes when I’m too far outside my zone of expertise. Hence, today’s dramatic event.

The morning was actually going pretty well. Alex the Intern and I were finalizing plans for this week’s vlog, I was getting the raid array set up in our new editing system, and we were collecting some video footage from various team members we plan to introduce to you. And then, amid all of that productivity, I got this text that made my blood run cold.

To put this in context, I’ve spent way too much time the last couple of weeks on plane reservations. I set out to find a good ticket price and plan for most of our travelers last week, and while things initially looked much as I expected, by the time I had everyone’s information and was prepared to make a purchase, ticket prices had jumped up to 2.5X the amount I’d been planning.

My brilliant wife told me that waiting until early the next week might see a dip in ticket prices, and she was right. But it still took me four hours Tuesday just to get my own tickets booked, let alone get the info to the rest of our crew and get a ticket for our actress. And in the case of our actress, instead of booking from point A to point B, I wound up having to buy one ticket from A to C and a separate roundtrip ticket from C to B with two separate airlines. Shouldn’t be a big deal as long as nothing goes wrong…

So here’s what the text said:

“Hey, Ted. I was looking at the plane tickets and you registered me with the wrong name….”

Somehow, in my crazy brain, several neurons had knocked into each other and I’d managed to misspell our leading ladies name, not just once, but on both sets of plane reservations. So today’s fire drill was calling airlines to try to change the name on the reservation.

The short and happy story is that one of the airlines charged me a 20 Euro adjustment fee and the other airline just made a note in the file for the ticket. Crisis averted. But… if you’re a talented administrator who wants to come work on films, you should let me know.

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