Slaying the Most Evil of Dragons: Project Organization

Today, Alex the Intern revolutionized our productivity. One of my struggles as a creative is to stay organized and track a vast number of tasks. “Struggle” may actually be a colossal understatement. My organizational skills are slightly less developed than my actual dragon slaying skills. Unfortunately, I get called to use them far more frequently.

I do okay with traditional to-do lists, but they aren’t great for helping me to see the shape of a project. Or to break down tasks into their component parts.

Alex took the work we need to accomplish over the next six weeks and laid it out into several projects in MeisterTask. They aren’t paying me for an endorsement, and I haven’t even used their product for a whole 24 hours yet, but I’m already really excited at my ability to see the project as a whole, break individual tasks down into checklists, and assign tasks to various members of the team. (I’ll admit, I’m less thrilled with Alex’s ability to assign tasks to me. Who told him he could do that?)

So far, I’ve not found a way to deal with daily tasks, but I presume that’s more the learning curve than a lack of capability. I’m also still on the fence about the candy crush aesthetic. Could I pick my own colors?

What tools have you found to help you organize your creative endeavors?



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