Year in Review

Way back in October, I decided to bring this blog back from the dead. October doesn’t sound like that long ago to me, but it’s actually a lot in blog posts. (Are those like dog years?) Anyway, in celebration of New Years, I thought I’d take a quick look back at some of the things I think have been the most interesting.

Writing Tips

I didn’t actually have any plan to do this, but in hunting for something that I knew a bit about and could share, it was the first thing that came to mind. So far, I think it’s been the highest traffic feature of the site. 🙂

Tips for Writers: 8 Tips to Get You Writing, Right Now!

Writing Tips: Create an Interesting Character Part 1

Writing Tips: Create an Interesting Character Part 2

8 Tips to Give Receivable Criticism

Writing Tips: 4 Steps to Story Structure

Writing Tips: Bring Your Villain to Life

Writing Tip: Ideas are Fleeting


Probably the thing that drove me back into blogging in the first place was the vlog, which actually was itself driven by my big upcoming film project and the need to share about it.

Most viewed posts

I’m not totally savvy at how to calculate this because the site tracks everyone that comes into the homepage as one metric, and most of my posts don’t require someone to click the individual post. For that reason, the home page is far and away the most viewed page. But, after eliminating that, here’s the top 5 for 2017:

#5 VLOG 03: Someone Stole My Vlog!!!

#4 Giving Opportunity: Ted and Brandy

#3 Giving Opportunity: Travel Costs

#2 Be a part of our work

#1 Tips for Writers: 8 Tips to Get You Writing, Right Now!

Happy New Year!

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